About She Is Strong Fitness

My journey will probably sound oh so familiar to you! In my early twenties, I was teaching lots of different fitness classes so I was pretty fit and at the time I thought that my diet was fine. Bran flakes for breakfast, a sandwich from M&S and a packet of crisps at lunch and whatever Mum made for dinner that night. I was a decent dress size so I was happy enough at that stage I guess. Fast forward to my two children coming along and as we know this is THE time that you fall right to the bottom of the pile.
You are no longer the priority. You have to put everyone before yourself and there is no time or space for you. If you take that time, you feel guilty, there is so much to do…. you’re busy busy busy! I totally and 100% get it. I’ve been there – the weight creeps on, the poor habits form, you become busy but inactive and there we are! You no longer feel good in your own skin or prioritise yourself as that would be selfish right?
I wish I had a pound for every time one of my members has said that they wish they could wave a magic wand and feel amazing. Over the past few years I have learned a lot about the magic formulae (sadly not a wand) and through trial and error (I’ve tried literally everything) I know what works to get you your results. I have made it my mission to share this with as many women as I can so that they can enjoy the same success as so many others through Mindset, Nutrition, Activity and SISterhood support!
It can be done, trust me. If I can do it anyone can. Your journey is your journey BUT many others have seen incredible success by following our easy to follow programme which very quickly just becomes what you do!

Clare Mannion
She Is Strong Fitness Founder & Director

I actually stopped teaching classes for a few years when I had the kids and my before picture is when I was at my heaviest. Then my sister decided she was getting married and it was mission wedding for the bride and bridesmaids. I started teaching again, regained my energy and my love for fitness and the weight began to drop off.
This was around 7 years ago and being completely honest, despite losing weight and getting fitter (we all did and we all looked lovely for the wedding), I still did not have the nutrition totally nailed or the exercise quite right for the goals that I had.