One to One

If you’re looking for tailored and personalised support, there are a couple of ways you can work with me.

Busy lives, self imposed pressures for instant success, along with social media influence can sometimes cause your best efforts to be made in vain. Our years of experience of working with women with busy lives has highlighted the growing need for a personalised lifestyle declutter. We recognize that each individual will have different needs, therefore, this alternative option to a Personal Training session could really help you build your personalised plan for success, mind and body! Open to all members as a one off, block booking or ad hoc as required.


Appointments in our private studio or call
Detailed Lifestyle Journal
Identify Hotspots
Lifestyle Declutter
Reset, Recharge and Goal Setting
Detailed Nutritional Guidance & Support
Motivation for Success
This premium solution is tailor-made for you following an in-depth discussion to understand your goals. Working with you 121, you will benefit from strength training, nutritional support and guidance plus all other SIS member benefits too.


4 x PT sessions
Food diary checks and feedback